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We'll be revealing Reburg in four episodes. Each episode highlights a specific theme, a circular future.
Let our storytellers take you along:

episode 1: Fabcities

about making, materials and resource loops

Hyperlocal fabcities with local co-working and comanufacturing spaces make for local circularity. The fabcity proposes a new model based on production inside the city, using both cutting-edge and basic technology, recycling materials and meeting local needs through local inventiveness.

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Zoƫ Mertens, urbaculturist at Reburg. Let's go >

episode 2: Entangled Realities

about dematerialization and virtualization

Life increasingly takes place in 'entangled realities'. A wide range of social events, meetings, classes, experiences, services, apps and utilities are hosted in the 'vireal' world. The real, the augmented and the virtual reality are mixed into a seamless whole.

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Aina Mori, Entangled Realities Architect. Let's go >


Coming soon

Episode 3: biosynthesis

about biobased economy
Story available soon

Episode 4: hybrid systems

about shared economy and logistics
Story available soon